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"Tango mi amor"

Two couples of dancers, the trio or the quartet Lumière.
Tango is not only a dance, as people say in Buenos Aires, tango is a lifestyle. It is first of all music, poetry and finally dance, dance for completely being been involved in the tango lifestyle.
The danced show, you door the tango in the best ones milongas of "Capital federal": the Canning, the Almagro, the Parakultural, the Sunderland. All the knowledge, of the best dancers of '40 and '50 years, it comes transferred on the stage. All the emotion of a brace that for three minutes, just the time for a tango, it becomes an only harmonious body.

The concert

Tango from XIX to the XXI century, from traditional to elettro tango.

Tango is a music of synthesis, generated through the meeting of various cultures, which in few years has assumed original characteristics, up to the point to become a truly symbol of the very soul of Argentinian people. Maybe for this reason the tango does not fit with performing styles which depart from its original way. The Trio Lumiere takes up the gauntlet, proposing works by Plaza, Cobian, Bardi and Piazzola in original transcriptions, as well as new pieces full of manifold allusions. The listener will easily perceive the eagerness and control of the players, whose experience ranges from classical repertoire up to jazz. In the project Trio Lumiere come to a synthesis the various cultural suggestions of the group, as well as their instrumental and creative abilities: the sensuous tone-colour of flute and bandoneon, which defy each other with sophisticated percussive effects, or the mix of milonga and counterpoint with impressionistic elements, in a virtuoso tension which belongs properly only to the tango.

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